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Master thesis in biology, 30 credits

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1. Create KauID

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Registration period: 2021-01-11 - 2021-01-18
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Välkommen till kursen Kandidatuppsats i biologi (BIGC16), Masteruppsats i biolog (BIAD17) samt Magisteruppsats i biologi (BIAD18). Kurserna kommer att ges i ett gemensamt kursskal i Canvas och även ha gemensam introduktionen. Introduktionsmötet med information om kursen och en genomgång på schemat, krav och roller av handledare och examinatorer äger rum på måndag, den 18 januari 2021, kl. 13:15 på följande Zoom länk: https://kau-se.zoom.us/j/3362096582.

Vi rekommenderar starkt att du deltar i uppstartsmötet för att ta del av all information. Deltagandet är dock inte obligatoriskt men om du inte kan delta ska du kontakta oss i god tid innan mötet, så att vi vet att du tänker fullfölja kursen och att du hittat ett projekt.

Innan kursen börjar, fundera gärna på inom vilket område du vill utföra din studie och maila detta gärna till oss helst senast innan den 10 januari 2021. Du kan även ta hjälp av dokumentet med de olika handledarnas kunskapsområden som finns på Canvas. Denna information hjälper oss att hitta en lämplig handledare till dig.

Welcome to the course Bachelor's thesis in Biology (BIGC16) and Master thesis in biology (BIAD17 and BIAD18). We will have both courses in one course shell on Canvas and we will have a joint introduction. The introduction meeting with general course information and the presentation of the schedule, requirements and the roles of supervisors and examiners will take place on Monday, 18 January 2021, at 13:15 in the following Zoom room: https://kau-se.zoom.us/j/3362096582.

We highly recommend that you participate in this introductory meeting to receive important course information. However, participation is not mandatory. If you cannot attend, you should contact us in due time before the meeting, so that we know that you are still interested in taking the course and that you found a project to work on.

Before the course starts, we kindly ask you to suggest within which subject area in biology that you would like to conduct your study and email us this information at latest January 10, 2021. To help you in your decision you can check the document with different expertise of the supervisors at KAU on Canvas. This information will help us in finding a suitable supervisor for you.

Med vänliga hälsningar/Kind regards,

Lovisa Lind Eirell                                    Lutz Eckstein (lutz.eckstein@kau.se)

Kursledare/Course leader BIGC16         Kursledare/Course leader BIAD17 and BIAD18

Corona virus - On-campus and distance teaching

If you are admitted to a course or programme taught on campus, it may be necessary for you to study both at the university and through distance teaching. The recommendations of The Public Health Agency of Sweden also apply to Karlstad University – stay at home if you are even the slightest ill, wash your hands and keep the distance. For updated information about Covid-19 and how it affects Karlstad University, please go to: www.kau.se/en/corona

Your schedule will be published two weeks before the commencement of the course, at the latest. You will then also receive further information about times, rooms, teaching and how exams will be carried out for your specific course/programme.

Stay outside as much as possible and avoid large gatherings. The map will help you find your way to the right building.

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