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Cultural Heritage, 7.5 HP

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Welcome to the course Cultural Heritage!

The course will run week 45 2021-week 2 2022. The course provides an overview of current cultural political heritage issues with a focus on publicly financed projects. We will discuss how cultural heritage is constructed, handled and consumed, nationally and globally, how it is conveyed through institutions such as museums and cultural tourism.

The examination of the course consists of individual home assignments, compulsory seminars and a group assignment/presentation. Attendance to the seminars as well as to the final group presentation is compulsory. Each seminar focuses on different themes around which the course is structured. For students, who for some reason are unable to attend a seminar, the discussion shall be replaced by a written assignment. You will find that most of the literature is available as e-books from the university library, however, there are two books that you might consider buying in advance: *Harrison, Rodney (2013). Heritage: critical approaches. Milton Park, Abingdon: Routledge (c. 250 pages) and *Smith, Laurajane (2006). Uses of heritage. New York: Routledge (c. 200 pages)

Hedvig Mårdh, course convenor.

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