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Academic Writing in English, 7.5 HP

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Welcome to Academic Writing in English!

The course is focused on academic writing in English in different academic contexts. Throughout the course, students produce academic text types such as literature reviews, summaries, and article abstracts. In all kinds of text production, students practise using a given referencing system correctly for in-text citations and reference lists. Students also read research on scholarly writing and use it as material for discussion and reflection concerning academic text production. Active reading skills are emphasised and practised, with the purpose to identify the different parts of the academic text and the way in which they are interrelated. Instruction is in the form of lectures and seminars. Students read and examine each other's work in preparation for seminars. Throughout the course, students produce a number of academic texts of different lengths and submit them in portfolio form. The portfolio and an oral presentation constitute the basis for assessment.



Attendance is not mandatory, except for oral exams.



·        Take-home exam

·        Oral exam


Other course information:

Detailed course information is available on the learning management platform Canvas, including course outline, assignments, and preparation.


Contact information:

Malin Ornstein (administrative officer): malin.ornstein@kau.se

Ying Wang (course teacher): ying.wang@kau.se

Marie Tåqvist (course convener): marie.taqvist@kau.se

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ADMINISTRATOR: Sofia Nylander  

COURSE CONVENOR: Marie Tåqvist