Welcome to Karlstad Business School at Karlstad University

Master Programme in Service Management: Master, 120 credits

Introductory information for students admitted to Karlstad University.
It is important that you read all the information.

Before you begin your studies, you need to:

1. Create KauID
2. Register for course/courses in the first semester

1. Create KauID

What is KauID? KauID is your digital identity at Karlstad University that allows you to log in to our digital services.

If you have studied at Kau before you do not have to create a new KauID, you can use the same KauID as last time.

2. Register for your course/courses

You need to register on time, not to risk losing your place.

To register, log in to the service My Kau using your KauID (in My Kau you will see when courses are open for registration, normally 8 days prior to the commencement of the course).

It is important that you decline your admission offer by replying “no” if you do not wish to attend the course.

Welcome to the Master Programme in Service Management


On behalf of Karlstad Business School, we are pleased to welcome you to the Master programme in Service Management. The programme will start off with a programme introduction on the 31st of August using Zoom®. The introduction will include some general information about the programme and focuses on what happens during the first semester. The main emphasis will be on making us all get to know each other a bit more and get used to interact over zoom.


What you need to do before you attend the programme introduction (you will receive more information on each topic below):


·       Student self-service orientation

·       Access your KauID student account, My Kau, Canvas and Zoom

·       Register to your courses

·       Keep yourself updated on the Covid 19 recommendations


Introduction to your first course:

The first course you will attend to in this program is Advanced Service Management where our course responsible Caronlina Camén with colleagues will welcome you to an academic journey where you will explore and learn about the development of service research. 


To find out more, access contact information to our study and career counsellor or our course administrator Frania, and find a link to the course schedule, please visit: https://www.kau.se/utbildning/program-och-kurser/kurser/FEAD49. 


Important notice! You will find updated information on the date, time and place for the introduction to course in the course schedule. When writing this letter, the introduction is set to the 31st of August on Zoom. Please note that we also like you to register and access the course’s Canvas page before the introduction (See info below on how to register and access Canvas).


Please notify the course administrator as soon as possible if you are no longer planning to take the course.


Business School introduction to new and existing students at KAU:

The Business School offer a web-based introduction at the 1st of September which you are all expected to attend. When writing this letter, it is uncertain if this introduction to the business school will be given in Swedish only. You will find updated information regarding the introduction here: https://www.kau.se/hhk/utbildning/att-lasa-pa-hhk/ny-student/handelshogskolans-introduktion-nya-studenter. Please note that Exchange students are exclusively invited to KAU’s “orientation days for exchange students”, see more below. 


KAU activities at the start of the semester

The university also offers some introductory activities that you are free to take part in.



Monday-Friday at 15:00 CET during week 36 you will be able to watch a live broadcast (most likely in Swedish) called “Kau-Studion”, more info (only in Swedish) here: https://www.kau.se/student/ny-student/forsta-veckorna/aktiviteter-vid-terminsstart/kau-studion


“Smystart” - Guided tours

On the 28th of August KAU offer guided tours in small groups to students who like to know more about how to find their way at the university. If you like to attend a guided tour you need to make a booking. The library also offers a short pitch on how to use the library the same day. You will find more info (in Swedish only) and a link to book your tour at: https://www.kau.se/student/ny-student/forsta-veckorna/aktiviteter-vid-terminsstart/smygstart-28-augusti


KAU orientation days for exchange students:

Exchange students are welcome to participate at KAU’s “orientation days for exchange students”. You need to notify the University if you are planning to participate beforehand (more info and contact info for notification can be found here: https://www.kau.se/en/hhk/education/study-karlstad-business-school/new-student/introduction-new-students). The orientation days are recommended for all international students to prepare you for your studies at Karlstad Business School. 



Things you need to do before the programme introduction


Student self-service orientation


Browse kau.se

Get to know your university and what we can offer you by visiting https://www.kau.se/en/student. If you are a new student at Kau this is also where you will find a lot of useful information related to your stay in Karlstad and life at the university if you click on the “new student” tab on this page, “current students” are offered a separate tab. 


Kau Library

Apart from borrowing and offering access to databases the Kau Library offer various services to students’ academic work. Visit and explore https://www.kau.se/en/library to find out more about opening hours and what services that are offering at present to get the most out of their services and use their resources to kick-start your studies.


Academic writing and plagiarism

Academic writing skills are key to success when attending a master programme. The library offers you various guides covering different aspects of academic writing. We expect you to explore and inform yourself on what academic writing is and where you can find support by visiting: https://www.kau.se/en/library/writing-referencing/writing/academic-writing. The page links to various issues that are relevant for your studies at this programme. All topics are crucial but the issue of plagiarism is particularly important and you should read up on it

 carefully before you start your studies. Writing quality affects your grades but will not result in you getting expelled, whereas intentional or unintentional plagiarism may jeopardize your whole academic career. 


Access your KauID student account, My Kau/Mitt Kau, Canvas and Zoom:



Students need a KauID in order to use the digital services at Karlstad University. To access you KauID follow the instructions on the following page; https://www.kau.se/en/student/current-student/it-support/services/kauid-student-account.


Note that various registration procedures exist and may apply depending on your specific situation, e.g. new students or existing students and so on. Follow the instructions given that apply to your situation and use the links provided to you on the web-page to access your Kau-ID. You will also find information on what services KauID give you access to and find information on how to/links to restore your existing KauID if you have forgotten your username or password on this page.



Canvas is used as the Internet platform for course information and hand-in assignments. You will find updated general user guidance to get started here: https://www.kau.se/en/student/ar-student/it-stod/tjanster/canvas.


If you have used Canvas before but are a first-time user of Canvas at KAU you must first access your KauID and register for the programme and course you will attend to before you can log in to Canvas (You will find more on how to register in a separate section below). Once you have accessed your KauID and registered you go to: https://www.kau.se/en/logga-in-till-canvas. Choose “Student" and enter your log-in details and select your programme or course to access the specific canvas page of interest. Contact the course administrator if any course you have been admitted to is missing or have not been published at the time/date the course is supposed to start.


It is important that you access Canvas as soon as possible and follow Canvas updates at all times as Canvas is used as the main communication and information channel related to your courses and your programme. 


My Kau/Mitt Kau

My Kau is the place where you perform administrative tasks related to your studies. More info is found here; https://www.kau.se/en/mitt-kau.




Zoom is the university's web conferencing tool. As a student you have the opportunity to invite to meetings and this will also be a common interface for lectures, seminars and workshops at present. We strongly recommend everyone to download and use the Zoom client to get the best possible experience and most functionality (avoid using zoom in your web-browser). Once you have the client we also advice everyone to sign in with SSO to grant access to all benefits that comes with the license you are provided with through KAU as you sign in with SSO. What this means, and how you download and access zoom is found here: https://www.kau.se/index.php/en/student/current-student/it-support/distance-studies/zoom. On the page you will also find a link to a user guide on how to get started with Zoom. Please download the zoom client and try it out before the introduction!



Roll calls and web registrations


You must always register for any course that you have been admitted to via “My Page” at http://www.kau.se/en/current-students. To be able do so you must first access your student user account (your KauID), see instructions on how to access you KauID above. 


Please note that at present you also have to register for the programme and some of our courses that you are admitted to in person on the day they start and/or you may have to attend some form of roll call. If you do not register in person when such rule applies you will not be allowed to start your studies. You will receive information about how you register to the programme and the first courses before the semester starts, please contact the Admissions Office or course administrators for further information.


Important notice! If your admission is conditional (indicated by a VI in your acceptance letter), you must prove your eligibility for the course before registering. In this case, please contact the course administrator before the course starts to prove your eligibility in order to have your conditional status removed.


Updated general information from KAU on roll calls and web registration is found here: https://www.kau.se/index.php/en/student/new-student/first-weeks/getting-started/roll-call-and-web-registration



Take care and beware – keep yourself and others safe by following and staying updated on the Covid-19 recommendations

Before and while you are joining us at KAU we ask you to keep yourself updated on the latest information from Swedish authorities about the present Covid-19 restrictions and how to slow the spread of Covid-19 at all times. You also need to keep up to date with our local KAU FAQ and KAU library information related to the new corona virus. We ask you to keep the recommendations in mind and remind each other of the recommendations at all times during your studies. Remember that the authorities’ recommendations and restrictions are the minimum requirements you have to adhere to. Several high-profile academics request stricter measures based on their research and in academia we should respect research. Therefore, we ask you to always keep a safe distance and respect others if they request more restrictive forms of interaction, in particular as some may be at certain risk but may not like to share such personal or private information. Please visit the following pages for more information:











Getting in contact?

The general rule for contacting university staff at this point in time is to use e-mail, present yourself, what course and programme you are participating in as well as your request and await a reply. It is beneficial to all of us if you try to be specific as possible regarding your requests – in that way we can prepare an appropriate response and if needed book e.g. a phone or zoom meeting.  Some functions/staff also offer their services via phone, whereas others are asked to or obliged to work from home at most times and will therefore be unable to answer any phone calls or meet you at their offices. Physical meetings at offices are not recommended by KAU at this point in time, unless a minimum 2-meter distance can be kept. A recommendation which unfortunately is impossible to accommodate in most of our offices.


If you need to access the IT-support you can contact them via e-mail studentsupport@kau.se  or phone: 054 - 700 16 95, weekdays 9-12. Updated contact information and opening hours can be found here: https://www.kau.se/en/student/current-student/it-support/help/support-contact-information


Best Regards and again WELCOME!!!



Claes Högström

Program Director

New student

There is a lot to think about when you start university, we know! We have gathered some useful information to help you, don’t forget to read the checklist!


Courses in the programme use the learning platform Canvas. Canvas is a tool that offers a digital learning environment.
Once you have registered for a course in My Kau, you can log in to Canvas and access important course information.

Finding your way around the University

Use the campus map MazeMap to locate buildings and rooms Go to MazeMap

Can we help you?

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Claes Högström